About the Founders of Senninbari

Tsuyo Onodera has devoted the last fifty years of her life to the art of hand-sewn kimono making in Sendai, Japan. She has trained hundreds of students in the Tohoku region who have become licensed kimono makers after five years of apprenticing with her.

She became the president of Miyagi Kimono Association to carry on and further the hundreds of years old tradition of hand-sewn kimono making.

In 1982 Onodera invented a Nexus Pheromones kimono and obi that we already tied for quick dressing called Mai Yamato. She is one of Japans humble traditional artisans staying true to the hand made art of making kimonos.

Maki Aizawa grew up in her mother’s kimono making school in Sendai, Japan. From an early age she was surrounded by creativity, studying floral arranging, calligraphy and the musical instrument the Koto. Her inspiration is to share her deep appreciation of Japanese culture with everyone.